Long Island Chapter Information

The Scoliosis Association of Long Island is the original and founding chapter of the Scoliosis Association, Inc.. In 1976 parents of teenagers with scoliosis met in a local doctor's office and found it very helpful to talk with each other about their situations. They exchanged names and phone numbers and started meeting informally in their homes. They tried to gather as much information as possible to share with each other about scoliosis, but there was not much available. They realized there was a need for an information and support network for patients and their families and decided to start one. They named the original group the Scoliosis Club of Long Island, with the nickname SCOLI. They began holding meetings at a hospital so they could advertise and invite the general public. People who lived in the area told relatives and friends in other areas of New York and also in other states about the group and soon many people were requesting information and seeking support. It wasn't long before other chapters were formed and they decided to incorporate in 1978.

The Scoliosis Association of Long Island, as it is now called, is a chapter of the Scoliosis Association Inc., a national information and support network. We are a non medical, non-profit, tax exempt organization,offering information, understanding and support to scoliosis patients and their families. We offer a place for people to meet with other patients and families to exchange ideas, suggestions, and information.

We invite guest speakers to present programs of interest to keep us up to date on the latest information available on scoliosis and related spinal problems. We have had presentations by scoliosis spine specialists, physical therapists,osteoporosis specialists, nutritionists, and surgical nurses. To help our members manage their scoliosis, we have had yoga instructors, reike masters, psychologists, pain specialists, authors of books dealing with scoliosis, etc.. Informal "rap sessions" are incorporated so that members can share their thoughts and offer support to each other.Many of our speakers are recommended by other patients who have found them to be very helpful to them and want to share their success with the group. We have a Youth Group Director who meets with the younger members so they will feel at ease talking with others in their age group. We have a lending library of books and tapes so people can learn more about it. We have found that the more the patients know, the more comfortable they feel with their situation. This contributes to a more positive attitude which helps them feel more confident with decisions they have to make regarding their treatment, which leads to a better recovery.

Nobody has to deal with scoliosis alone. We have a great group of people regularly attending meetings who will be happy to talk with you. Meetings are free and open to the public. Meetings are held several times a year at 7:30 PM at:

Long Island Jewish Medical Center
Lakeville Road
New Hyde Park, NY 11040

Located on the Queens/Nassau border. The hospital can be easily reached from the Long Island Expressway  (495) or the Grand Central to Northern State Parkway. Meetings are held under the auspices of the Scoliosis Association of Long Island, not Long Island Jewish Medical Center. The meetings usually consists of a presentation by a guest speaker, a question and answer period, one on one conversations and small group discussions. Juice and cookies are provided.

Youth Members meet under the leadership of ourYouth Group Director, at the same time and place. Please encourage your child to attend. If they don't need the support of the group, please have them come to help support others.

For more information, call or e-mail the Long Island Chapter at:

516-935-4534 JoEllen Hegmann
scolioli@optonline.net - JoEllen Hegmann

For information on other chapters, visit the Scoliosis Association, Inc. or call us at 1-800-800-0669.

The Scoliosis Association, Inc. is a non medical, not-for-profit corporation offering understanding, support and general information relating to scoliosis and other spinal deformities. You should always consult your own physician for specific information relating to your own case.